Stained Concrete

Beautiful and rustic, this type of application can change your existing concrete into a very attractive floor. There are many colors to choose from.


Do you have pits, holes, uneven joints, trench marks or other conditions on your concrete or wood floor? We can make it into a flat and smooth surface. With using a 1/8 to 1/2 inch of self-leveling material, a new floor is installed. When used for decorative purposes a sealer is applied to give long lasting beauty.

Pre-Cast Elements

Add a distinctive, but natural element to your home, office, or store. Pour in place countertops or pre-casted at our 3,500 square foot facility. We offer many colors, explore our countertop color charts to see these options.

Polished Concrete

A true money saver for ware houses, super markets, museums and stores. Polished concrete is a magnificent and impressive new flooring system. With the combination of polishing, concrete hardeners and penetrating sealers, your concrete will be dust free and resistant to stains.

Micro Toppings

As a hand trowel surface, this topping is only 1/16 to 1/8 inch in depth, but durable for traffic of all kinds. This is a two coat flooring system. There are many colors and even the option of customizing colors available. This flooring system is lightly polished and sealed to ensure its beauty.

Wall Designs

A hand troweled finish that can be modern or rustic. A beautiful wall in any color and texture adds an awesome touch to any room. Durable against scratches and chips this system is great for lobbies, hallways and is used in bathrooms because it is a decorative water proof system.

Concrete Homes

Concrete has been used for thousands of years in building homes. With new technology and self-compacting concrete mixtures, why not pour an element of surpassing beauty.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy give gives depth and durability to any floor. Our colored seamless flooring systems our great for kitchens, public bathrooms, locker rooms and water proofing any are that needs help. With added grip and flex, our traffic membrane is perfect for parking garages.


What better way to show you mean business then to put your name or logo in it!

Poured Concrete

Whatever your desire may be with concrete, Extreme can do the job from start to finish by pouring fresh concrete or resurfacing existing concrete.